Healing Services

flower(Book sessions with Catherine via email: earthmedicinelove@gmail.com)

Catherine’s BIO:

Catherine Chapman-Divine facilitates movement and awakening of the energetic  bodies called the Chakras from the ancient yoga practices.  Each session is cultivated as a healing that is based in intuition. Healing happens when the wisdom of life and its participants open up in the present moment.Catherine is a born empath that utilizes earth energy and intuitive skills creating an organic and unique session.

Here’s what people are saying about Catherine’s healing sessions.

“Catherine  is a healer.  She is a magical being in human form. She is able to see into realms that us mere mortals can not.  In doing so, she can manifest deep healing. I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown.  Two energy sessions with Catherine put me back on track.  She saved my life! Catherine not only facilitated a tremendous amount of healing in a short period of time, she also gave me the tools to carry forward into my daily life. I highly, highly recommend Catherine.”

Cossette Drossler

“Catherine has the unequaled capacity to create a healing space while digging deep inside one’s shadow and helping to illuminate it with love and light”

Anonymous Master Coach/Therapist

” I highly recommend Catherine’s healing work. She has a special combination of energy, compassion and engagement with those she helps. I walked away from our session not only feeling better in a deep way, but also feeling more centered, balanced and optimistic. She radiates love and her approach is excellent and much appreciated.”

Anonymous Fitness Specialist

3 thoughts on “Healing Services

  1. Nadine Johnson

    Missing you…can’t wait until you’re back in SF or when I see you on the road! Still touched by your love and light at the Wah! concert so long ago. THANK YOU!

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