Healing Services

flower(Book sessions with Catherine via email: earthmedicinelove@gmail.com)

Catherine’s Bio:

Catherine Chapman-Divine facilitates your bodies innate healing potential.  Each session is cultivated as a healing that is based in intuition and working between time space dimensions. Healing happens when the wisdom of life and its participants open up in the present moment.

Catherine is a born empath that utilizes earth energy along with spirit guides and the universal love vibration in alignment with her intuitive skills creating an organic and unique session.

Here’s what people are saying about Catherine’s healing sessions.

“Catherine  is a healer.  She is a magical being in human form. She is able to see into realms that us mere mortals can not.  In doing so, she can manifest deep healing. I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown.  Two energy sessions with Catherine put me back on track.  She saved my life! Catherine not only facilitated a tremendous amount of healing in a short period of time, she also gave me the tools to carry forward into my daily life. I highly, highly recommend Catherine.”

Cossette Drossler

“Catherine has the unequaled capacity to create a healing space while digging deep inside one’s shadow and helping to illuminate it with love and light”

Anonymous Master Coach/Therapist

” I highly recommend Catherine’s healing work. She has a special combination of energy, compassion and engagement with those she helps. I walked away from our session not only feeling better in a deep way, but also feeling more centered, balanced and optimistic. She radiates love and her approach is excellent and much appreciated.”

Anonymous Fitness Specialist


3 thoughts on “Healing Services

  1. Nadine Johnson

    Missing you…can’t wait until you’re back in SF or when I see you on the road! Still touched by your love and light at the Wah! concert so long ago. THANK YOU!

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