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Path in Service

Path in Service

Check out a recent interview I did with Michael Ostrolenk about my path in service:

Michael D. Ostrolenk, a social entrepreneur, is a leading expert in the field of transpartisan public policy.  He has successfully convened policy initiatives in the areas of transparency, privacy, defense, foreign policy and national security

Michael co-founded and serves as National Director of the Liberty Coalition, a transpartisan coalition of groups working to protect civil liberties, privacy and transparency.

A radio host and public speaker, Michael has authored numerous articles appearing in a variety of publications ranging from USA Today to The American Conservative Magazine.

Check out his website:

He is the Program Director and Master Coach for SEALFIT’s Unbeatable Mind Academy a world-class leadership and personal development training program created by Navy SEALs.

A leading voice on healthcare reform, he created and led the Medical Privacy Coalition, served as a program manager for the Natural Health Research Institute, served as Senior Political Analyst for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and Citizens for Health.

A respected voice for national security interests he also co-founded the American Conservative Defense Alliance, which promoted a traditionally conservative foreign and defense policy.

A leading advocate for transforming American politics, Michael served as President of Reuniting America and was a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute.

A licensed psychotherapist, Michael completed his MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University and his BA in government at West Virginia Wesleyan College. He is certified in Spiral Dynamics and Wade Mindsets.

Bhagavad Gita

cropped-tam-sunset1.jpg” The mind is restless, turbulent, and unyielding…as difficult to subdue as the wind… For the uncontrolled there is no wisdom. Nor for the uncontrolled is there the power of concentration. And for him/her without concentration there is no peace. And for the un-peaceful how can there be happiness?”

Find concentration on a single point and breathe deep, find the connection of spirit with breath, and be grateful this life is so amazing!

Inspirational People

Inspirational People  (Click Here)

I was recently on the beautiful island of Maui and had the pleasure of listening to this amazing man speak about our connection with nature, deep breathing, and meditation. He also was very passionate about raising awareness around the ocean and how we can make changes that will help shift the negative impact of modern day consumerism. Check out this guys website and continue to walk with awareness with deep roots and an open heart.