Kokoro Yoga

So grateful to announce a project near and dear to my heart that is blossoming. I have co-authored a book with my Step-father titled Kokoro Yoga. It has made #1 on Amazon for Health and Fitness, yay! Check it out here: Kokoro Yoga Book

Also have launched an online Program where you can do movement, meditation, and breathing practices with me and or other great teachers. Check it out here: Kokoro Yoga Online

Exciting times for us on the path of walking in presence on mother earth in love with the heart of a warrior!

Love and Blessings Family! Catherine and Starlight Moonstarlight.jpg

Being on Path

Do you ever notice when you are following your heart in alignment with your purpose things just flow? Or how when you are not in integrity with your truth obstacles seem a plenty. Sometimes it can even be both, your following your truth and obstacles are abundant. So how do we redirect when we are off path? How do we celebrate when we are in the flow? And how do we face obstacles that help us clarify our purpose?

Life is a journey and the destination is death, enjoy the moment!

Om Jai Kali Ma