About Yoga

8 Limbed Path (Ashtanga)

1.    Yama – Ethical Disciplines:

– ahimsa-non-violence (compassion)
– satya- truth, integrity
– asteya- non-stealing (generosity)
– brahmacharya- continence (moderation of life source)
– aparigraha- non-coveting (awareness of abundance)
– The Yama’s are universal in their application

2.    Niyama – Personal/ Individual Disciplines:

– saucha- purity, simplicity
– santosa- contentment, being at peace
– tapas- austerity, igniting the purifying flame (seriousness)
– svadhyaya- study of self, study of sacred scripture, and nature
– isvara pranidana- whole hearted dedication to god

3.    Asana – Posture:
The yogi conquers the body by practice of asana and makes it a fit vehicle for spirit

4.    Pranayama: Extension of breath, control and regulation of breath

– Prana: breath, respiration, life, vitality, wind, energy, or strength
– Ayana: length, expansion, stretching, or restraint

5.    Pratyahara: senses are brought under control (prelude to meditation)

6.    Dharana: single point focus
the mind is stilled in order to reach a state of complete absorption

7.    Dhyana: Object and subject unite
continuous inward flow of consciousness

8.    Samadhi: Union with divine consciousness, peak of meditation. (love&light vibration)

Obstacles – Things that distract the practitioner:
Avoidance is not the solution

1.    Vyadhi: Sickness, disturbing physical equilibrium.
2.    Styana: Lack of mental disposition for work.
3.    Samsaya: Indecision or doubt.
4.    Pramada: Indifference or insensibility.
5.    Alasya: Laziness
6.    Avirati: Desire for sensory objects
7.    Bharanti Darsana: illusion, invalid knowledge.
8.    Alabdha Bhumikatva: failure to attain continuity of thought or concentration so reality cannot be seen.
9.    Anavasthitattva: instability in holding concentration, which has been attained after a long practice.

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