Interesting Morning I had with a stranger…

Amazing mirrors in the universe reflecting to us the keys to our unraveling into bliss.

Eyes of pain and anger wanting to find the answer of why.

Beautiful humans conflicted, restricted, and straight jacketed inside the great saga of their life.

All of it a message of why compassion, forgiveness, and letting go are key to having a human existence of presence, love, and abundance.

No need to hide your pain sweet ones, instead celebrate all of the gentle faucets of what makes you you. Breathe in the magic of the moment as you realize the past is over and the future does not exist. And also celebrate your past and get really curious about your story so that it isn’t projected into the moment or the future. Breathe into the softness of your heart. We are all amazing, special, and knowing. all we have to do is look at the beautiful reflection of self within the waters of life.

Love All, Live with Integrity, Be Kind.




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