Deep Breaths in the Holiday Season.

Remember to breathe in the moments you are stuck in long lines in stores or on the road. Take breaths of awareness and gratitude for life in the moments of confusion and frustration as well as the times of joy and celebration. It is a true gift to those around us and ourselves when we can take a moment and smile at a stranger, give someone the right of way even when it is your turn to go, and hug a loved one when they are testing your patience. December is a month of reflection and celebration. It is a time to remember and celebrate all the growth and beauty that our greatest challenges have taught us in 2013 as well as the evolution our life path has brought us to. It is also a time for sharing and compassion for those less fortunate then ourselves. Remember a deep mindful breath and a smile in a moment of holiday chaos brings in the good vibrations for all including you.
Catherine Divine


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