Cultivating Wisdom

The experience of life and knowledge if applied becomes wisdom.  So what happens if we are still not able to thread experience and knowledge together for wise thought, speech, and action? What if we are stuck in our (samskara) concept of imprints left on the subconscious mind by experience? This is a question that continually arises for those on the path of practice in action.

After years of practice, teaching, and learning I am still baffled when I find myself wrapped up in a drama. I can see that I am wrapped up in the drama, notice the points of my actions and reactions that have gotten me in a tangle, and even within the awareness and deep breathing still react in ways that feel less then enlightened :).

I think that awareness is key and compassion is crucial, and these two components when supported with breath will assist us in taking the lesson in on the subconscious layer.

We are only human after all. And this is a path that will evolve and support us throughout our lives if we are dedicated daily. Our dramas will fade into small obstacles as we grow and evolve. Evolution is important for us as beings. When our life purpose is woven in with our evolution then our hearts sing the songs of the ancient ones.

Today let us sing our wisdom heart song of love and surrender and cultivate a bit more wisdom.

The time is now, let us rise up in positive vibration for all beings everywhere.Image



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